The CFX Connect real-time PCR detection system incorporates industry-leading optics with a Peltier-based reaction block for precise and reliable qPCR data acquisition. The system offers an integrated solution for all your SYBR®Green/EvaGreen and duplex experiments. A thermal gradient is easily generated across the 96-well reaction block to support rapid optimization of real-time PCR assays. The CFX Connect system includes the powerful CFX Manager softwarefor system operation, experiment setup, and data analysis.

CFX Software video Tutorials

Features include:

 Easy startup – obtain great results right away with factory calibration, quick setup, and intuitive software

Effortless optimization – save time and reduce costs optimizing assays in a single run using the thermal gradient

Powerful data analysis tools – quickly and accurately validate and analyze your data with the advance analysis modules of CFX Manager software

Accelerate publication submission – include MIQE annotations and generate RDML files using Biogazelle’s qbase PLUS software

Run high resolution melt (HRM) experiments on the CFX Connect and perform data analysis using seamless data import to Precision Melt Analysis software