About our Cochlear Implant Program:

The University of Nebraska's Cochlear Implant Program was started in the Fall of 2018. Many professionals of our interdisciplinary teams were recruited from institutions renowned for their cochlear implant teams. Prior to the creation of the Cochlear Implant Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the only three programs in the state of Nebraska were all located in Omaha. Because Omaha is located in the easternmost part of the state, access for those using cochlear implants and those who need them has been increasingly difficult. Our program seeks to limit back and forth travel of multiple visits while providing the best possible care.

Our Cochlear Implant Program at the University of Nebraska uses a multidisciplinary approach to achieve best possible outcomes. Our audiology clinic is instrumental in making sure that everyone who could benefit from a cochlear implant is identified and options are discussed. The vestibular (balance) clinic is key in evaluating and treating disorders impacting balance in daily life. Deaf educators are on staff to ensure patients understand their options to language other than verbal methods, as well as strategies to achieve a proper education. Cochlear implant audiologists on staff are very qualified having trained with multiple institutions with excellent cochlear implant programs themselves, published a number of papers on outcome measures in cochlear implants, and also trained in research and technology with cochlear implant manufacturers.