Working From and Managing the Home


Working and Finances

Your job is probably not the same since COVID-19 began. Our jobs have been disrupted, whether we are working different, significantly less, or lots more hours or are working in a new location like your home or working with less people. So many of us are worried and concerned about our jobs and our finances. We have put together these resources to help you navigate this struggle:


Nebraska Department of Labor

The best resource for job related questions is the Nebraska Department of Labor. They are actively working to provide you with the information about finding a job or filing for unemployment. Information about local dept of labor offices can be found here!

Support Resources: (Food, Rent, Utilities, etc.)

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Resources is the place to start if you are searching for assistance with rent, utilities, food and other financial needs. They will not necessarily provide those things for you but they can direct you to a local Health and Human Resources office or an agency that can help. They can be reached at (402) 471-3121

State Extension

The Nebraska Extension is a valuable resource for places to find support around the state. Each county has Extension personnel. Their site has links to experts and local Extension specialists.

Professional Support

We are offering free 30-minute consultation visits with a therapist to provide some immediate support, guidance and a plan for how to move forward.

These visits are not intended to be in-depth therapy nor crisis counseling. If you are in crisis please call the 24-hr Boys Town Crisis Line 800-448-3000. . If you need someone to help you develop some first steps in getting back on sure footing, we are here to help.

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Tips and Activities:

We will exchange these tips and activities so you have new information each week.

- Good Morning America ran a great segment about balancing working from home and caring for kids. View their version of a survival guide.

- Extension page from Wisconsin with some great information on managing finances. Most of it is national information but for the state specific info see our Extension site linked to the left.

- Here’s an article on how to manage things if you have had job loss because of the pandemic.