CYAF Ambassador Scholarship for the period of January through June 2021.

The CYAF Ambassador Scholarship is designed to encourage CYAF student participation in CYAF sponsored short term study abroad by reducing the financial barriers to participation. This is a scholarship of up to $1000*. On accepting the scholarship, the student agrees to be an ambassador for study abroad by talking about their experiences and encouraging other CYAF students to participate in study abroad. We expect that the student will take an active role in encouraging study abroad by talking about their experiences in classes and in other interactions with students. The Department Chair or faculty may arrange formal events for recipients to share their experiences (e.g., presentations in classes). Recipients also agree to help with international visitors sponsored by CYAF, and to intentionally do things to help international students feel welcomed at UNL.

To be eligible, a student must:
a) be a declared CYAF major in good standing in an undergraduate or graduate program
b) have at least one semester of coursework remaining after the study abroad concludes prior to graduation
c) have been accepted to and made the first payment toward a CYAF-sponsored study abroad
d) have not received an CYAF Ambassador Scholarship before
e) be recommended for the scholarship by the CYAF faculty member(s) teaching/leading the study abroad.

Students must submit a written request to the CYAF Department Chair Dr. Michal Merten for consideration. The request must be received at least three weeks prior to the departure date. This request must include:
a) Name, student ID, major, year in school, expected graduation
b) Name of the CYAF-sponsored study abroad that the student is participating in
c) List and amounts of other scholarships (or similar) that the student will be drawing on to assist in reducing the financial barriers to participation
d) Declaration that the student is willing to serve as an ambassador for study abroad, along with an indication that she/he knows what that entails
e) Recommendation from the CYAF faculty member(s) teaching/leading the target study abroad

*The amount of the award will take into consideration other scholarships and related funding available and received by the student. Students must pay the deposit and be registered for the course before the scholarship is distributed.