All human development and family science majors get to complete an internship as part of the CYAF 497D course. The links on this page include information about internships completed by students in the program. While students are welcome to pursue one of those internships, it’s fine to seek other opportunities. 

Frequently asked questions

Will the department find an internship for me?
Students are responsible for finding and securing their internship experience.

How do I find an internship?
This site provides information about internships students have completed in the past. This information is a guide; you can choose to work/volunteer at a site not listed.

Do I have to attend the orientation?
The orientation is mandatory. Orientation sessions are held before and after priority registration each fall and spring semester. If you cannot attend a scheduled session, you must make arrangements with Dr. Dalla ( before the orientation session.

Watch for emails from your advisor each semester with information about the orientation.

The best time to attend the session is the semester immediately before you complete the internship.

Is there a class associated with the internship?
Yes, the class is CYAF 497D, this is an online class.

Can my internship be paid?
Internships can be paid or volunteer experiences.

I worked or volunteered at an agency that would be great for my internship, can I do it there
Internships must be with an agency or organization you have not worked for or volunteered at before. The only exception is if the internship position is different from previously held positions. See Dr. Dalla for approval.

What are the requirements for my internship?
Your internship needs to be career relevant and approved by Dr. Dalla.

How many hours do I have to work for the internship?
Internships are 150 contact hours for 3 credits (minimum). CYAF 497D can be taken for up to 6 credits, add 50 contact hours for each additional credit.

Can I begin working before the start of the semester I’m taking the internship?
Students may work up to 20 hours (40 for 6 credits) prior to the start of the semester they take CYAF 497D with approval from Dr. Dalla.

Can I do my internship any time?
Students must have junior standing and 12 credits of family science or other social science to take the internship class.

What if I don’t complete my hours in the semester I take my internship class?
You can make arrangements with Dr. Dalla to take an incomplete in CYAF 497D and complete the internship hours in the following semester.

Does my internship have to be in Lincoln?
Your internship can be done anywhere in the world with approval from Dr. Dalla.

Intership Binder Information