To be eligible for enrollment in the College of Education and Human Sciences, a student must have completed required academic courses. These include:

  1. Four units of English. All units must include intensive reading and writing experiences.
  2. Four units of Mathematics. Algebra, algebra II, and geometry are required for students seeking admission, and one additional unit that builds on knowledge of algebra.
  3. Three units of Social Studies. One unit drawn from American and/or world history; one additional unit drawn from history, American government and/or geography; and a third unit drawn from any social science discipline.
  4. Three units of Natural Sciences. At least two units selected from biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences. One of the above units must include laboratory instruction.
  5. Two units of Foreign Language. Both units must be in the same language. Students who are unable to take two years of foreign language in high school may still qualify for admission. Such students will be required to take two semesters of foreign language at the University of Nebraska. These courses may count toward elective course requirements. These students are still required to complete 16 units of academic courses for admission.

Students who enter the University and the College of Education and Human Sciences will follow the bulletin for that year or a subsequent bulletin.

Students who transfer from a college outside the University or College of Education and Human Sciences (excluding CYAF students at UNO) must follow the bulletin that exists at the time they transfer to the College. These students will be expected to complete the general education (ACE) requirements at the time they enter. See the University Bulletin.