Katie Quimby B.S., Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education, May 2011

Co-Owner and Director, Bubbles & Blocks Child Development Center, LLC

Katie created Bubbles & Blocks Child Development Center in June of 2013, which aims to help foster curiosity in children. They currently have around 100 children enrolled. Quimby's favorite part of the job is working with the children and their parents. "I absolutely love seeing the kiddos and parents come in each day with a smile on their face because they are excited about being at Bubbles & Blocks and they trust the care and teaching our teachers are giving," Quimby said.

Quimby's education with the Department of Child, Youth and Family studies helped her open her own child development center. "Without the training and practicum experiences I received at UNL I would have never dreamed of opening my own child development center. Because of all the knowledge I gained and hands-on opportunities I was given I had the confidence to jump in feet first to something that required a lot of commitment and dedication."

Bubbles & Blocks Child Development Center is currently in the beginning stages of building a second Lincoln location, set to open in summer 2015.