Appeals for Denial into the Ph.D. Program

  • Applicants may appeal a denial within 45 days of their notification of denial by writing a formal appeal to the Graduate Executive Committee Chair.
  • An ad hoc Appeals Committee will be set up by the Graduate Executive Committee to review the appeal.
    1. The Appeals Committee will be made up of two members of the Graduate Executive Committee, two additional faculty from the Department, and one full-time graduate student.
    2. Members of the Appeals Committee are requested to serve by the Graduate Executive Committee. Those requested to serve may accept or decline to serve on the Appeals Committee.
    3. The applicant making the appeal may request replacement of one member of the Appeals Committee.
  • The applicant making the appeal may present his/her appeal to the Appeals Committee.
  • The Appeals Committee can accept or deny the appeal.
    1. Decisions of the Appeals Committee are final.
    2. If the appeal is accepted, the student‘s application is returned to the Graduate Executive Committee for further action.
  • The Graduate Executive Committee will notify the student making the appeal of the Appeals Committee's decision in writing by registered mail within 15 business days from the date the appeal was received.
  • The proceedings of the Appeals Committee will be confidential.

For additional information regarding the Ph.D. programs, please contact Dr. Natalie Williams,