Course Evaluations

Department policy is that all instructors and course sections will be evaluated each semester. This must be done at the end of each semester using the standard College Wide Course Evaluation forms that are administered electronically through Course Evaluation. Faculty may conduct informal or formal evaluation of their courses throughout the semester. Faculty shall not allow course evaluation to influence student grades.

End of semester student evaluations are administered electronically. Faculty are sent an e-mail from “Course Evaluation” four to six weeks before the end of the semester. This e-mail will include a link to the faculty member’s course(s). Faculty will have ten days to add additional questions to the course evaluation(s). Once the online course evaluation is closed to faculty, students will be notified by “Course Evaluation” that they have three weeks to complete course evaluations via Blackboard. The compiled evaluation comments and means will be distributed to faculty after final grades are submitted. Faculty need to strongly encourage students to complete the course evaluations and let them know all comments are confidential and used to improve future offerings of the course.