After an instructor has compiled a course packet, the packet can be sent to either the University Bookstore on City Campus or Copyworks which is affiliated with the Nebraska Bookstore. The book stores’ staff will secure copyright permission. To request publisher permission on their own, instructors must collect sufficient information. Books: publisher, author or editor, title of book, edition and/or volume, copyright date, ISBN number, and pages to be copied. Journals: publisher, name of journal, volume or issue, title of article, author, copyright date, and pages to be copied. The Copyright Permission Center can provide addresses and phone numbers of publishers. After permission is granted, normally around 4-6 weeks, materials and written publisher permission can be brought to a copy service.

U.S. Government publications are usually in the public domain and may be photocopied without permission. However, these materials may contain copyrighted material from other sources. Any original material which does not contain copyrighted material from another source may be photocopied and used in course packets. If an instructor’s own material is copyrighted and she/he does not own the copyright, it is necessary for the instructor to obtain permission from the publisher.