Donger Liu

Joined 2019

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Dr. Julia Torquati & Dr. Amy Napoli, advisors

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M.A., Education: Early Childhood, The University of Sheffield

Donger is interested in the role of nature/outdoor environment in the development of young children’s emotion regulation; the relationship between family socioeconomic status and their experience of environmental injustice, as well as the impact of environmental injustice on young children in adversity. She is honing her statistical skills in order to become a quantitative and mixed-method researcher.

Donger is a certified Forest School leader. Prior to graduate school, she worked in a nature-based preschool on both a classroom and school management level.

Why CYAF at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“I was drawn to the Child Development/Early Childhood Education program in the CYAF department mainly because of the affiliated Ruth Staple Child Development Lab School. Its child-centered and outdoor-focused curriculum matches my research interest and echoes my professional experience. Moreover, the interdisciplinary research experience that is provided in CYAF is valuable for my professional goals.”

Lab Participation


Building Educational Foundations: Leveraging Research to Grow Design


Chancellor's Fellowship, 2019-2021 

Highlighted Publications & Presentations

  1. Shin, H., Torquati, J., & Liu, D. (2020, October 8-10). Do nature experience and socialization predict preschoolers’ environmental moral reasoning? [Conference Session]. 17th Annual NAAEE Research Symposium.

  2. Torquati, J., Shin, H., Liu, D., & Krause, K. (2020, October 8-10). Listening to young children’s voices in EE research [Conference Session]. 17th Annual NAAEE Research Symposium.