Erin Hamel

Joined 2015

Dr. Rachel Schachter, advisor

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M.Ed., Special Education, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Erin Hamel is a doctoral candidate in child development and early childhood education. Her work focuses on understanding and promoting supportive work environments for teachers that can lead to the implementation of high-quality instructional practices resulting in equitable education for all children. Erin’s dissertation aims to elevate the early childhood profession by investigating teacher’s allotment and use of non-contact time.

Erin has experience in both quantitative and qualitative methodology and her dissertation uses a mixed-methods design. She has extensive knowledge of Qualtrics and has training and experience analyzing data in SPSS, Dedoose, and MAXQDA.

Erin’s previous professional experiences include teaching at multiple grade levels including as an early childhood teacher and lecturer at the Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory, elementary teacher in Doha, Qatar, and special education teacher in the Midwest. Erin has extensive teaching experience in higher education and has served as a research assistant for studies on early childhood math and science, teacher cultural competency, early childhood teacher work supports, and women and children experiencing homelessness.

Why CYAF at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“I chose the Early Childhood Education program in CYAF at UNL because of the opportunity to be involved with early childhood research at every stage of the process from design and data collection to analysis and dissemination of results. My experience has led to opportunities to work collaboratively with faculty and to pursue my own line of research.”

Lab Participation


Brain, Emotion and Education Lab (BEE Lab) with Dr. Hideo Suzuki


Buffett Early Childhood Institute Graduate Scholar, 2020-2021

Luella Selover Fellowship, 2020-2021

Highlighted Publications & Presentations

  1. Hamel, E., Joo, Y., Hong, S., & Burton, A. (2020). Teacher questioning practices in early childhood science activities. Early Childhood Education Journal, 1- 10.

  2. Edwards, C., Hamel, E., Leeper Miller, J., & Ren, L. (2019). Improving reflective practice: A documentation rubric for mentoring pre-service and inservice teachers. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 1-16.

  3. Hamel, E., Leeper Miller, J., Molfese, V., Heaton, R., & Burton, A. (2020, Nov 30- Dec 3). Improving early childhood math instruction using the cycle of inquiry [Poster presentation]. National Research Conference on Early Childhood, Arlington, VA.

  4. Hamel, E., Joo, Y., Burton, A., Hong, S.-Y. (2019, April 15). Teachers’ questioning of children during early childhood science activities [Poster presentation]. University of Nebraska Graduate Spring Research Fair, Lincoln, NE, United States.

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  7. Matthews, A. & Hamel, E. (2018, June 25-27). The role of homeless shelters in connecting families to community resources [Poster presentation]. National Research Conference on Early Childhood, Arlington, VA.