Erin Chatterton

Erin Chatterton

Lecturer, Master Teacher, Ruth Staples Child Development Lab

M.S. Early Childhood Education and Child Development

In this role, I observe and identify what supports pre-service Early Childhood Educators need during their time training. I parallel this practice to how early childhood educators need to identify what supports young children need in order to thrive developmentally.

As an early childhood educator and pre-service early childhood teacher trainer at the child development laboratory, I have explored my options as to just how I aspire to make a mark in the early childhood realm. I have had the pleasure of experiencing a graduate assistantship under close mentorship of the master teachers and head teachers of the laboratory school, in which this time I discovered that I had a passion to mentor future early childhood educators.

I enjoy establishing relationships with children, families, and student teachers alike. I parallel individualizing instruction for young children to individualizing mentoring of pre-service teachers. It is an honor to serve the University of Nebraska as a model early childhood teacher for future educators!