Global Consortium for International Family Studies

The Global Consortium for International Family Studies (GCIFS) is a partnership of universities around the world devoted to advancing the field of family studies globally. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the founding members of the GCIFS in 2012. These founding members include the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (U.S.A.), the Tata Institute (India), and the University of Newcastle (Australia). Affiliate members include East China Normal University (China) and Aristotle University (Greece).

Through the GCIFS, the department offers a masters degree program in International Family Studies. Students in this program take classes from faculty at partnering universities. Each partnering university enrolls students, so UNL students are in class with students from Australia, China, Greece, India and other countries. Students learn about the science of family studies and about families around the world not just from text books written in the United States, but from literature produced in other countries and from interactions with faculty members and students in other countries. This program prepares students for careers working with families domestically and around the world.

In addition, the GCIFS is also designed to:

  • Encourage research collaboration by faculty at participating universities;
  • Facilitate cross-national research by providing faculty and students opportunities to conduct research in countries other than the United States;
  • Provide a vehicle for faculty and student exchanges. 
  • Facilitate education abroad.