Jeffrey Maddox II -Dev Research and Extension Group

Jeffrey Maddox 2
Name: Jeffrey Maddox II
From: Sidney, Nebraska, United States
Degree pursuing: Secondary Education (Social Sciences) and a minor in Sociology
Project: My project is focused on role modeling healthy eating in which we consider best practices, particularly family style meal practices, to aid children from 2 to 5 years in establishing healthy eating behaviors. 
Skills Acquired: I am currently learning about qualitative research-based methods. I hope to learn general research skills from literature review to academic writing to data analysis.
Future Goals: Long-term I would like to enter graduate school and then eventually gain a PhD and work at an academic institution and continue teaching and research.
How will the project experience help you achieve your future career goals? The project will teach me essential research skills with the opportunity of applying them in an actual research setting which will benefit me as I continue conducting further research in my educational career.
Top 3 strengths that contribute to the project: Strong writing skills, a desire to learn as much as possible about conducting research, a background in the field of education which directly deals with children of varying ages.
Fun Fact: I am the biggest Smiths and Morrissey fan you could possibly meet in the state of Nebraska.