Jentry Stoneman Barrett

M.S., Child Development and Early Childhood Education, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Jentry is currently a doctoral candidate in CYAF and the project manager for INSIGHTS in Nebraska, a comprehensive social-emotional learning intervention for kindergarten and first-grade students in rural Nebraska schools that includes parent, teacher, and classroom components. She manages recruitment, data collection, data management, and team personnel.

Jentry’s research interests include teacher professional development and understanding how professional development can create long-term changes in teaching practices. She is also interested in how adult relationships are built in professional development settings and how they influence outcomes.

Recently, Jentry has become interested in science communication and how the academy can better translate research into helpful products for the surrounding community to improve lives.

Jentry’s previous experience includes graduate assistantships in the Kit and Dick Schmoker Reading Center helping mentor undergraduate pre-service teachers, working with the Math Early On professional development team at Educare of Lincoln, and in the Early Development and Learning Lab, working with parents and their toddlers.

Why CYAF at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“CYAF has given me numerous opportunities to expand my research, professional, and teaching skills, transfer my research into useful products for the community, and create a network of stellar colleagues. CYAF prides itself in creating research that benefits all stakeholders, and I am lucky to be part of this team.”

Lab Participation

Early Develpment and Learning Lab
Temperament, Affect, and Behavior in Schools
The Kit and Dick Schmoker Reading Center
Nebraska Academy of Early Childhood Research

Highlighted Publications & Presentations

  1. Barrett, J. S., Hinrichs, A., Vickrey, T. L., Nugent, G., Rudasill, K. M (2020, November 1–2). INSIGHTS into children’s temperament in rural Nebraska [Conference session]. Occasional Temperament Conference, Blacksburg, VA, United States.
  2. Barrett, J. S. (2017). Sing and Play with Me: Music for the Young Child. Professional Development Online module for early childhood educators. Retrieved at