Katelyn Hepworth

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Dr. Julie Tippens & Dr. Helen Raikes, advisors

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M.A., Political Economy of Latin America, Georgetown University

Katelyn Hepworth is a global early childhood researcher focusing on issues related to measurement of early development for children from birth to age five. She currently works on the Global Scale for Early Development, a WHO-led initiative to validate tools assessing the development of children, appropriate for use across countries and cultures. Katelyn has direct experience assessing young children as part of the local program evaluation team partnered with Educare, a local child development center, to evaluate individual child development and classroom quality.

Katelyn is primarily a quantitative researcher, but values qualitative research to provide rich description and a deeper understanding of topics. Katelyn is developing her analytical skills in SPSS, STATA, and MAXQDA. She also has extensive knowledge of Qualtrics. Katelyn speaks English and Spanish.

Katelyn’s previous professional experiences include managing grant and research portfolios as the Research and Evaluation Officer for the Bernard van Leer Foundation and coordinating parent education programming as the Family Resource Specialist at the Upper Room, a family resource center. She has worked as a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, and the World Health Organization.

Why CYAF at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"I chose the Global Family Health and Wellbeing program in CYAF at UNL because of the great research opportunities in diverse contexts. In my work, I regularly interact with field teams in 7 different countries around the world. I also appreciate the ability to take classes across departments at UNL and the Nebraska University system, specifically the University of Nebraska Medical Center for classes geared towards public health. It has allowed me to develop an interdisciplinary approach to my research interests"

Lab Participation

Forced Migration and Health Research


Chancellor's Fellowship, 2018-2020 Dean's Fellowship, 2020-2021

Highlighted Publications & Presentations

  1. Encinger, A., Jackson, B., Raikes, H., Byrd, J., & Hepworth, K. (2020). ReadyRosie Program Evaluation: 2018-2019 Evaluation Report. Omaha, NE: Munroe Meyer Institute at University of Nebraska Medical Center and University of Nebraska at Lincoln.
  2. Verdisco, A., Cueto, S., Thompson, J., Engle, P., Neuschmidt, O., Meyer, S., Gonzalez, E., Ore, B., Hepworth, K., & Miranda, A. (2014) Urgency and Possibility: Results of PRIDI, A First Initiative to Create Regionally Comparative Data on Child Development in Four Latin American Countries (the Technical Annex). Washington, D.C. Inter-American Development Bank.
  3. Näslund-Hadley, E., Varela, A., & Hepworth, K. (2014). What Goes On Inside Latin American Math and Science Classrooms: A Video Study of Teaching Practices. Global Education Review, 1(3).
  4. Raikes, H., Davis, D., Esteraich, J., & Hepworth, K. (2020, April 29). Impacting Family Outcomes: Innovations at Lincoln Educare [Conference Session]. CYFS Summit on Research in Early Childhood, Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. (Conference canceled)
  5. Raikes, H., White, L., Green, S., Burchinal, P., Kainz, K., Horm, D… & Hepworth, K. (2019, March 21-23). Use of the home language in preschool classrooms and first- and second-language development among dual-language learners. Society for Child Development Research Biennial Meeting, Baltimore, MD, United States.