Keting Chen

Joined 2015

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Dr. Amy Napoli & Dr. Julia Torquati, advisors

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M.Ed., Early Childhood Education, East China Normal University

Keting’s research interests center on children’s learning of early math skills and how parents and teachers support children’s learning. She is primarily a quantitative researcher, but also uses qualitative approach as needed. She has been developing quantitative analytic skills in SPSS, Mplus, HLM and R. She also has extensive knowledge of Nvivo and Qualtrics. Keting speaks Chinese Mandarin, English and a little Cantonese.

Keting’s previous professional experiences include working with toddlers and pre-service teachers as a teaching assistant at Ruth Staples Child Development Lab and managing several research projects as a research assistant at UNL.

Why CYAF at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“I chose the Child Development and Early Childhood Education program in CYAF at UNL because of the great research opportunities and lovely people. Before I enrolled in this program, I was able to visit here and met a group of wonderful faculty members. As a CD/ECE researcher, I was fascinated that Nebraska values early childhood education and UNL leads the CD/ECE research. I have been grateful to be in such a great program where I am able to be a better me and a better researcher.”

Lab Participation



Buffett Graduate Scholarship, 2020-2021

Highlighted Publications & Presentations

  1. Nugent, G., Chen, K., & Soh, LK (2020). The effectiveness of summer professional development for K-8 computer science teachers. In D. Schmidt-Crawford (Ed.), Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference, pp. 86-90.
  2. Burton, A., Molfese, V., Heaton, R., Smith, W., Miller., J.L., Chen, K., & von Kampen, M. (2019). Infants and toddlers as mathematical thinkers. Retrieved from 2019/_files/MathEarlyOnBooklet2019.pdf
  3. Napoli, AR., Chen, K., & Buchheister, K. (2019, November). Building Quality Math Education Together: Supporting Math Learning at Home and Preschool. Oral presented at the Nebraska Head Start Association Annual Conference, Grand Island, NE.
  4. Chen, K., Gondim, F.M., Zhang, Y., Moore, S., Shin, H., Torquati, J.C., & Schutte, A.R. (2019, April). The symptom expression of children with autism in natural and urban environments. Poster presented at the 67th Annual Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, Lincoln, NE.
  5. Chen, K., & Molfese, V.J. (2019, March). Sex differences in growth curve model of early math ability. Poster presented at the 2019 SRCD Biennial Meeting, Baltimore, MD.
  6. Chen, K., Molfese, D.L, & Molfese, V.J. (2018, May). Brain responses of 5- to 8-year children with varying amount of sleep over 3 weeks discriminate congruent -incongruent judgements in the first 100 ms of a Stroop Task. Poster presented at the 30th Association of Psychology Science Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA.