Maha Elrakaiby -Dev Research and Extension Group

Maha Elrakaiby
Name: Maha Elrakaiby
From: Alexandria, Egypt
Degree Pursuing: Masters in Early Childhood/Child Development
Project: Develop and evaluate a curriculum for using books in nutrition education of children. Our novel approach is how to practically incorporate dialogic reading with nutrition education strategies to maximize the benefit from the reading experience.
Skills Acquired: Literature review, improving writing skills and translating research to practice.
Future Goals: After getting my master, I plan to get a Ph.D. I would like to go back to Egypt, and develop programs and consult for improving children’s nutrition and education.
How will the project experience help you achieve your future career goals? Exposes me to the latest research in the field, helps me learn how to translate research to practice, and improves my writing skills.
Top 3 strengths that contribute to the project: Self-motivated, fast learner, interested in the topic
Fun Fact: Once I see the word fun, I only think about my daughter.