Bischoff Wins Boss of the Year Award

Dr. Bischoff

Bischoff Wins Boss of the Year Award

11 Nov 2015     By Keith McGuffey

Dr. Richard Bischoff, Chair of the Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies, was awarded the 2015 Floyd S. Oldt Boss of the Year Award by the University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association (UNOPA) at the 45th Annual UNOPA Boss's Luncheon.

The award recognizes University of Nebraska employees who demonstrate excellence in personnel management with their outstanding skills in employee supervision and interpersonal relations.

Dr. Bischoff was nominated for the award by Lisa King, a staff assistant in CYAF. She gathered supporting letters from coworkers and faculty in CYAF to highlight the positive attributes of Dr. Bischoff:

"[Dr. Bischoff] has made it known [he wants] us to feel free to streamline and update procedures in our office---music to a staff member’s ears! Whenever we do present an update, [he] asks a few questions, and then embraces our suggestion."

"[Dr. Bischoff] believes that all members of the department are members of the same team including faculty, staff, student workers, etc."

"Our department has benefitted greatly from the environment of collaboration and cooperation, building on the strengths of each other and having a common focus for success together. This is all because of [Dr. Bischoff]..."

When he's not busy being Boss of the Year, Rich spends time with his family and is active in the Boy Scouts organization.

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