Brazilian Students visit CYAF for research opportunities.

Raysa and Nathassia

Brazilian Students visit CYAF for research opportunities.

22 Nov 2019    

Child, Youth and Family Studies recently had the pleasure of hosting Raysa and Nathássia, two Brazilian undergraduate students from Cesuca, a college located in the Southern part of Brazil. The trip is part of a research opportunity, resulting from a long-standing research relationship between Cescua's Dr. Bruna Seibel and UNL's Dr. Cody Hollist and Dr. Paul Springer. They are part of a research study focused on understanding the protective and risk factors of a socially vulnerable community in Brazil through the use of CBPR (Community-Based Participatory Research).

"This research exchange opportunity provided us with an opportunity to work on an article about CBPR in the Brazilian context, working closely with Dr. Hollist and Dr. Springer. We also had opportunities to participate in, and attend several undergraduate and graduate courses. Helping us better understand how the United States educational system works." They stated.

"This experience has been an amazing opportunity for us. The classes had great value for our academic development. We are excited about the paper we have developed in collaboration with Dr. Hollist, Dr. Springer and Dr. Seibel. Everyone we have met have been very welcoming throughout our visit. We loved the experience of being here and we hope to return as UNL students in the future."

Child, Youth and Family Studies