Celebrating Children on Campus Week

Interim President Fritz Reading

Celebrating Children on Campus Week

08 Oct 2019    

This week the Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory will be celebrating “Children on Campus Week.” A week long celebration that serves several purposes for the program, as it’s a way for the Child Development Lab to show their appreciation for the support on campus, celebrating the children in the development lab. Helping to build understanding for the importance of high quality early childhood programs for supporting children’s overall health and development. As well as emphasizing the services and support that campus children’s centers provide to student, faculty, staff, and community families.

The Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory provides developmental programs for young children, involving students from Child, Youth and Family Studies (CYAF) and other departments of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. The purpose is to serve both teacher training and research functions at undergraduate and graduate levels, offering many students opportunities for observation and study of children. Starting in the early 1920’s the Ruth Staples Child Development Lab is excited to be celebrating nearly a century long legacy including being one of the first laboratory schools west of the Mississippi River.

The week kicked off Monday morning with Interim President Fritz read a book called “Don’t Push the Button” to children ages 2-5. The celebration continued into the afternoon with the Children’s Festival at the Flag Pole. Several Staff and Faculty members joined in the fun, including Dean Jones leading a parachute game with the children.

This week long festival will be full of fun events for kids, faculty, and staff alike.

11:00 Book reading with Interim President Fritz at the Lab School
3:30-4:30 Children’s Festival at the Flag Pole

Games, book reading & cookies!

Tractor Tuesday
Visit the Tractor Museum and Observe the Tractors

Work together Wednesday
Clean up East Campus with Matt & Jerome from Landscaping

Throw Back Thursday
Guess Who? Look at pictures from all our Faculty when they were 2-5 years old and guess who it is!

Sing and Dance with the Jazz Singers from the Glenn Korff School of Music
Performance at 10 a.m at the lab school!

OCTOBER 14th 3:30-4:30
Street Artist Eder Muniz from Salvador, Brazil
will come do an art demonstration with the children. He is a friend of the CYAF Department and we look forward to meeting with him!
We hope to commission Eder to do art in our new building.

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