Hatton-Bowers receives award for innovative research in early childhood education

Hatton-Bowers Receives Award for Innovative Research in Early Childhood Education
Holly Hatton-Bowers wins Innovative Extension New Employee Award (courtesy photo)

Hatton-Bowers receives award for innovative research in early childhood education

29 Nov 2017    By Katie Ballue

Holly Hatton-Bowers, an assistant professor in child, youth, and family studies and an early childhood extension specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was presented the Innovative Extension New Employee Award for her contributions to professional development programming for early childhood education teachers at the Extension Fall Conference 2017. This award recognizes innovation in research in the first five years of service.

Hatton-Bowers’ primary areas of interest and scholarly activity include creating and implementing programs designed to enhance the quality of early childhood development and early care and education and to use strategies that cultivate resilience, compassion, and kindness among caregivers and families. Her work focuses on contemplative practices, such as reflection and mindfulness to promote child, teacher, and family well-being. Specifically, these practices are examined for how they improve parent and teacher capacity for sensitive and responsive caregiving; particularly in the context of stress, and with vulnerable populations of children. As an Extension Early Childhood Specialist, she is active in translating and disseminating current research findings in the areas of caregiving and health in early childhood using an interdisciplinary approach.

Child, Youth and Family Studies
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