Kaelie Kellner honored with CEHS Staff Star Award

Kaelie Kellner
Kaelie Kellner

Kaelie Kellner honored with CEHS Staff Star Award

23 Feb 2021    

Kaelie Kellner, office associate in the Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies, has been named the recipient of the latest Staff Star Award by the College of Education and Human Sciences Staff Council. 

In her role, Kaelie handles a number of tasks to ensure the department operates smoothly. This involves helping with course scheduling, curriculum changes, and updating information across multiple systems, including the website, to ensure students stay informed. She also works with the Great Plains IDEA program, a consortium of over 30 universities across the country that provides access to high-quality online educational opportunities. Among other tasks, Kaelie helps register hundreds of students for the high enrollment program each semester. 

“This is something that is tedious, time consuming and challenging, but she does everything with a smile,” wrote Kaelie’s nominator. “Keep in mind that this is not part of her job responsibilities. She just sees the need, and she acts. Kaelie is a true team player.”

Kaelie’s willingness to help was evident when the department was faced with numerous challenges related to COVID-19. She helped her colleagues by entering grades, submitting invoices and helping students with various needs. Kaelie also played a key role in making course adjustments necessary due to the pandemic. 

“COVID has made the schedule challenging, but Kaelie has worked with associate deans, the department chair, and faculty to make sure all required changes were made and courses are scheduled in a way that are student focused,” her nominator wrote.

Even though her tenure with the department has been relatively short, with Kaelie’s willingness to assist with any task, and knowledge across many areas, she has become an integral part of the team. According to a CYAF faculty member, “Kaelie was an excellent hire. She does everything with accuracy, swiftly, and she is always willing to help.”

The Staff Star Award recognizes staff members who go above and beyond their scope of duties. To nominate a staff member for a Staff Star Award, click here. The next deadline for nominations is April 30, 2021.

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