King receives February CEHS Staff Star Award

King receives February CEHS Staff Star Award

09 Mar 2018    

Lisa King, staff assistant in Child, Youth and Family Studies, has been named the CEHS February Staff Star Award recipient by the CEHS Staff Council. King’s thoughtfulness and concern for others was often mentioned by nominators as a quality that makes her shine.

For one nominator, it was a personal experience that stood out. “During a time when I was experiencing some personal struggles, this person was extremely supportive to me. When days became hard, they always brightened my day with a good joke or story. They extended a listening ear when it was needed, as well as covering for me when I would need to leave the office or be gone. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate this individual’s support as a colleague and friend.”

King often has a unique perspective when new ideas are generated, and her wisdom is relied upon by colleagues. “This individual does a fantastic job of providing various perspectives when new ideas arise,” said one nominator. “They are able to easily identify the pros/cons and encourage contemplation of how a particular idea will benefit/not benefit the faculty, staff and most importantly the students. I don’t think I’ve considered a new idea without consulting with this individual for their wonderful input and perspective.”

For another nominator, King’s ability to work with all members of the campus community was an attribute that was appreciated. “The students really enjoy working with her, as well as her colleagues. Over the years, the faculty and other staff within the department have discovered how the nominee's hard work, reliability, knowledge of the department and university, and dedication to our students is truly invaluable.”

Change is one of life’s most difficult challenges, but King seems to take it head on, according to one nominator. “She is not afraid of change or doing things differently than they have been done in the past. In fact, she embraces change more than most people do.”

Among her duties is coordinating graduate programs in CYAF, a job she does with great skill and with an eye on serving students. “Lisa goes above and beyond to help our graduate students with anything they need,” said a nominator. “If they come in with any concerns or questions, she will put them at ease and assure them that she will help in any way she can. If she can't help she will put them in contact with someone who can.”

Finally, King is valued for her sense of humor that keeps spirits up and the office atmosphere light and fun. “Lisa is friendly and has a great sense of humor which helps make this department a great place to work,” said a coworker. “Even under a deadline or during stressful times, Lisa has time to help others out and answers any questions that come along and she does it in a friendly manner.”

Congratulations to Lisa King, the February CEHS Staff Star Award recipient. To nominate a staff member for a future award, please visit the Staff Council webpage to fill out the online nomination form.

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