Where did our students go this summer?

Where did our students go this summer?

02 Aug 2019    

CEHS Students spent time in various parts of the world this summer.

Spring Break:

This program, created by Drs. Dennis Perkey and Georgia Jones, focused on nutrition and the origins of sport and the Mediterranean diet. The NHS department sponsored this first-time program. AnnMarie Gottner, the director of advising, also accompanied the students to Athens.

Summer 2019:

Drs. Teresa Catalano and Stephanie Wessels from TLTE took students to Italy to study the impacts of increasing refugee populations in Italian classrooms. They spent some time in Rome, as well as more rural settings in Italy during the week-and-a-half program.

Zambia & Ethiopia
Dr. Mary Willis in NHS took students on her annual program to Ethiopia and Zambia for about five weeks. Dr. Willis guided the students through rural areas in these countries as they worked to understand food distribution and security in different communities.

Drs. Sandra Starkey, Mary Alice Casto, Professor Surin Kim, and Jim Benes led this new TMFD program to Berlin for about two weeks. Students were able to visit industry-specific fashion and cultural sites while spending time in this cosmopolitan European city.

Costa Rica
Drs. Sue Kemp, John Maag and Kelcey Buck took students to Costa Rica in this annual program out of the SECD department. The students visited schools and communities in a cloud forest in rural Costa Rica. They spent time in the rain-forest, understanding how sustainable practices can be incorporated into outdoor education. Students had the pleasure of living with Costa Rican families during their time in-country.

South Africa
Drs. Ted Hamann, Lydia Kiramba, and Sarah Thomas in the TLTE department took students to South Africa this summer. This graduate student study abroad experience focused on education perspectives in the South African context.

Bozeman, Montana
Drs. John Raible and Colette Yellow Robe traveled with students and Jim Benes to Bozeman, Montana to visit with education officials with the Montana Department of Education and Indian Education For All to help understand the integration of Native and Indigenous perspectives in educational programming and curriculum. The group stopped at culturally relevant sites and visited Yellowstone National Park, The Big Horn Medicine Wheel, Dull Knife Tribal College, as well as the Crow Reservation.

Drs. Paul Springer, Dave Wilson, and Cody Hollist led students to Salvador, Brazil to interact and engage with community officials, schools, and cultural representatives. In addition, students stayed with local Brazilian families and took Portuguese language lessons.

We are going to be featuring students in our new newsletter who attended these trips, so if you know anyone who went and has a great story, let us know! Please email names to CEHS Social.

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