B. S., Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Pearl is a doctoral student in the Child Development/Early Childhood Education program. She is primarily interested in understanding and promoting early childhood educators’ holistic well-being. Specifically, she is interested in the role of self compassion as a resource building skill to promote educator well-being and adaptively manage educator stress and burnout. In understanding educator wellbeing, she is also interested in the role of workplace environment and family-school partnerships as additional factors that affect well-being.

Pearl is currently working as a project coordinator for a mindfulness-based program, Cultivating Healthy Intentional Mindful Educators (CHIME) Program, that provides guidance and education on incorporating mindfulness and reflective practices into teaching and caregiving.

Additionally, along with quantitative data research experience, Pearl also has experience with coding and analysis of qualitative data and conducting interviews. She is continuously building her skills with the SPSS platform and has extensive experience with the Qualtrics platform. Pearl has over 3 years of experience as an early childhood educator, working with age groups ranging from 1 to 5 years.

Why CYAF at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“I chose the Child Development/Early Childhood Education program in the CYAF department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln because of its specialized focus on the early childhood age span and research opportunities. I was fortunate to find that my research interest matched with the ongoing research in the department. Additionally, during my undergraduate experience, UNL was a warm, welcoming and engaging community which I wanted for my graduate study experience as well.”

Lab Participation



Dorothea Lutjeharms Fellowship - 2018-2019, 2019-2020

Highlighted Publications & Presentations

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