Human Development and Family Science

Human Development and Family Science Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Human Development and Family Science provides a comprehensive program grounded in family science theory, research, and professional practice and application for individuals to work with children and families. This career path provides students with knowledge and intervention skills that will assist them in helping to prevent and remedy interpersonal problems experienced by individuals in their family relationships, building on the family’s strengths. In addition, HDFS will prepare students for graduate school (e.g. family science, family therapy, social work, counseling psychology, and law), or for employment in human services agencies or programs.

The HDFS program level Student Learning Objectives:

SLO #1: Students will use their knowledge of human growth and development (e.g., theories) to assist individuals and families in effective developmental transitions.

SLO #2: Students will analyze the reciprocal relationships among individuals, families, communities, and other social systems (e.g., educational, government, religious, healthcare, occupational institutions) in a global society.

SLO #3: Students will identify and analyze current laws, public policies, and initiatives relevant to the lives of individuals and families.

SLO #4: Students will identify, examine, and evaluate ethical issues related to professional practice.

SLO #5: Students will plan, implement, and evaluate culturally-relevant educational materials and learning experiences.


  • Family Support Specialist
  • Chemical Dependency Specialist
  • Youth Care Specialist
  • Halfway House Administrator
  • Youth Agency Director
  • Foster Care Specialist
  • Extension Educator
  • 4-H Assistant
  • Consumer Affairs Specialist

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