Inclusive Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 3)

Inclusive Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 3) Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Interested in the education of young children? Want a career as an early childhood educator with the public schools, private schools, or community programs? Have particular interest in teaching preK populations or connecting with families of young children at risk for school success? Want the possibility of applying for special education as well as regular education positions? Want a teaching credential with the greatest opportunity for job offers? In any community?

The IECE major is for you! 

Get the teaching endorsement school administrators are most looking for in new early childhood teachers for public school programs. Have a teaching endorsement that allows the most flexibility for populations and roles and settings where you can work.

Students enrolled in this field endorsement will meet the requirements for the Nebraska Early Childhood Inclusive (Birth to Grade 3) Teaching Certificate Endorsement (“Persons with this endorsement may teach and provide services to children from birth through grade 3 including those with special developmental and/or learning needs and to support families and other personnel with responsibilities for their care and education”). The program is based on an inclusive, family-focused style of working with young children across a range of abilities and disabilities, and on collaboration and teamwork. Students will gain a view of the field that integrates education, prevention, and intervention services. The program will prepare students for careers working in a variety of roles in early childhood and early primary classrooms and services. Persons in this endorsement may teach infants, toddlers, and children from birth through grade 3, including those with disabilities and support families and other personnel with responsibilities for their care and education.

The University of Nebraska—Lincoln did an exceptional job of preparing me for my career as a kindergarten teacher.
I loved the program and feel that it has prepared me for the career I am in now. I am thankful for the experience towards my future.
I feel like I received a wide variety of very beneficial hands on experiences while pursuing this degree. It was balanced between general education, early childhood, and special education and all three areas of education could build upon one another.



  • Preschool classroom teacher
  • Head Start teacher
  • Preschool special education consultant
  • K-3 classroom teacher
  • K-3 special education resource teacher
  • Infant educator
  • Home visitor
  • Family educator
  • Early interventionist for children with disabilities

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