Qingyu Jiang

Joined 2017


Dr. Holly Hatton-Bowers, advisor

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B.A., Psychology, Michigan State University

Qingyu Jiang is an early childhood development researcher focusing on young children’s development of healthy emotion regulation, particularly in the contexts of parents with mental health challenges and vulnerable populations of children and their families. Qingyu is also interested in examining the effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions on the promotion of child and family well-being.

Qingyu completed the Mixed Methods Research Graduate Certificate Program. Qingyu is developing her analytical skills in SPSS and MAXQDA. 

Qingyu’s professional experiences primarily include engaging in three research projects: a) in the Infant Care Decision Making (ICDM) project led by Dr. Soo-Young Hong and Dr. Holly Hatton-Bowers, Qingyu’s research experiences include conducting interviews and observations, managing and cleaning data, analyzing data, and writing publications; b) in the Cultivating Healthy Intentional Mindful Educators (CHIME) project with Dr. Holly Hatton-Bowers, Dr. Gilbert Parra, and Dr. Carrie Clark, Qingyu helps to collect data (e.g, collecting saliva samples, conducting the Pre-K CLASS observations); and c) Qingyu is involved in the Caregiver and Child Applied Research and Education (CCARE) Lab led by Dr. Natalie Williams and Dr. Holly Hatton-Bowers, Qingyu’s research experiences include administering assessments with children (e.g., PPVT, EVT) and parents (e.g., DP-3) in the lab-based study visits, analyzing data, and writing publications.

Why CYAF at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“CYAF offers plentiful professional growth opportunities for students. I am grateful that I have the opportunities to be involved in different research projects with faculty in CYAF. Those research experiences allow me to gain skills and learn from faculty about conducting rigorous research, developing critical thinking skills, and collaborating with others. CYAF also creates a supportive environment for students. I am always inspired by faculty’s passion and encouragement. Working with other students, sharing diverse perspectives, and learning from each other are rewarding experiences for me. Both professional growth and supportive environment in CYAF make my graduate journey delightful.”

Lab Participation

Caregiver and Child Applied research and Education (CCARE) Lab


Kappa Omicron Nu-Zeta Alumni Fellowship, 2019-2020

Dorotha Pond Dunham Fellowship, 2018-2019

Highlighted Publications & Presentations

  1. Jiang, Q., Hatton-Bowers, H., Tippens, J. A., Hong, S.-Y., & Kohel, K. (under review). Good for baby, good for mom: The determinants of breastfeeding initiation and continuation among working women in the Midwest U.S. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension.

  2. Choi, J. K., Parra, G., & Jiang, Q. (2019). The longitudinal and bidirectional relationships between cooperative co-parenting and child behavioral problems in low-income, unmarried families. Journal of Family Psychology, 33(2), 203-214. https://doi.org/10.1037/fam0000498

  3. Jiang, Q., Hatton-Bowers, H., Kohel, K., & Hong, S.-Y. (2019, March). Decisions to breastfeed and breastfeeding self-efficacy among working mothers in Midwest communities. Poster presented at the Society for Research in Child Development, Baltimore, MD.

  4. Choi, J. K., Parra, G., & Jiang, Q. (2018, November). Unmarried parents’ cooperative co-parenting and child behavior problems: Ages 1 through 9. Paper presented at the National Council on Family Relations, San Diego, CA.

  5. Jiang, Q., Encinger, A., Buchheister, K., & Simth, J. (2018, April). Chinese student perceptions of early education in the United States. Poster presented at the Children, Youth, Families, and Schools Summit on Research in Early Childhood, Lincoln, NE.