Telephone and Messages

All faculty and staff telephones in the Department have a voice mail system for messages. Also, a department administrative assistant may take a message and leave it in the faculty member’s mailbox. In case of an emergency, the administrative assistant taking the message will try to contact the faculty member at alternate phone numbers.

If a faculty member receives a fax, the department office will let them know via email or phone call.

The University does not allow personal long distance calls from campus phones to be charged to the University, therefore, the Department cannot reimburse faculty, staff or graduate students for any personal long-distance calls.

Graduate assistants placing long-distance calls from a Graduate Office or Funded Project Room for a grant or special project should list these by date, telephone number called, room call was made in; and the location called (including directory assistance requests) on a piece of paper or electronic document and turn them in monthly to the Office Supervisor. Please indicate the grant name and WBS number.

Use of the conference phone should be scheduled ahead of time with the department office, if possible, and the appropriate departmental grant, or special project WBS number charged.