Track 2 is for students who enter the program with a M.S. degree.

Track 2 requirements for specialization in Child, Youth and Family Studies:*

Program Components Credits
Course work related to Specialization, which must include Ethics (953) or Philosophy of Child and Family Sciences (900) (3) Teaching Practicum (920) (1-3) 33
Supporting course work related to the Discipline (Outside the CYAF Department) 16-22
Research & Statistics (Research Tools)
   Minimum of 9 credits in Statistics
   Minimum of 3 credits in Research
Doctoral Seminar (995) 12-18
Doctoral Dissertation 20

*Sample Programs may be obtained from Advisors.

Ph.D. in Human Sciences with Specialization in Medical Family Therapy

Ph.D. Student Handbook Page 10 The doctoral program in medical family therapy has been designed to accomplish the following purposes: 1) improve health outcomes through collaborative care practice and 2) expand opportunities for collaborative care practice through scholarship, research and advances in the clinical practice of medical family therapy. Students enter the program after completing a M.S. degree.

The mission of the program faculty is to provide students with advanced learning opportunities in medical family therapy in which they will apply multi-disciplinary collaborative care principles and research methods to advance the field through scholarship, research and clinical experience.

Specifically, the program is designed to prepare students to:

  • Work within medical systems and collaborate with healthcare providers in providing mental health care to patients and their families who are experiencing physical, emotional, relational or spiritual difficulties.
  • Work in administrative, research, supervisory, clinical, and/or instructional positions in universities, medical schools and medical residency programs, medical clinics and hospitals, and private and public research firms.
  • Teach and train the next generation of medical family therapists for work in a dynamic health care environment.
  • Produce scholarly work in research, teaching/training, clinical work, supervision and collaborative health care.
  • Critique, interpret, and integrate scholarly work of others in a way that makes the knowledge useful in advancing the field and improving clinical practice.

Track 2 Program requirements for specialization in Medical Family Therapy:

Program Components Credits
Course work related to Specialization 36
Supporting coursework related to the Discipline 21
Doctoral Internship 2
Research Methodology 12
Doctoral Seminar 12
Doctoral Dissertation 12