Welcome to Child, Youth and Family Studies (CYAF)

As a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies (CYAF), you join a faculty with a rich tradition of teaching excellence. Our faculty are passionate about teaching and care deeply about student learning and student achievement. You have been asked to teach within the Department because we believe that you will contribute to this positive learning environment.

One of the first questions we are asked by a graduate teaching assistant is “What do I need to do?” This doesn’t mean that you do not know the subject matter or how to teach; rather, it usually means they want to make sure they are meeting expectations, fitting in with our way of doing things, and know the administrative things that have to be done that support or document their teaching and student achievement. This handbook was designed to help answer these questions. It is also designed to help you know where to find the other resources that are available to you.

Please carefully read this handbook and ask questions if you have them. We want you to be successful in the classroom, and we want you to find enjoyment in teaching. CYAF is a great place to teach. We have great students, faculty, and support staff and we are happy to have you be a part of us.

Richard J. Bischoff, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Newkirk Professor of Leadership in Child, Youth and Family Studies