Jay Joo

Joined 2017


Dr. Julia Torquati & Dr. Rachel Schachter, advisors

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M.A., Early Childhood Education, Sookmyung Women’s University

Yuenjung’s research interest is understanding how to improve teacher-child interaction quality and early childhood classroom quality to support children’s cognitive skills, especially their executive function. She is currently working as a research assistant in the INSIGHTS-Nebraska project. This project is a temperament-based intervention to improve children’s social-emotional development. Yuenjung supports data collection and analyzes qualitative data in this project.

Yuenjung is primarily a qualitative researcher but is also interested in quantitative methodology. She has analyzed qualitative data for the PreSTAR project. She has additional experience administering child assessments such as MEFS and PPVT, and classroom quality assessment, such as Conscious Discipline and the CLASS. Yuenjung is developing her analytical skills in SPSS as well.

Yuenjung has previous experience teaching children aged 3 to 5 as a lead teacher and a director for seven years at a preschool in Korea. In the U.S. she has worked at the Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a graduate assistant.

Why CYAF at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“I chose the Early Childhood Education program in CYAF at UNL because of diverse research opportunities and the faculty's extra support for graduate students. I have had opportunities to train on different child assessments, observe high-quality early childhood programming at Ruth Staples, and participate in many ongoing research projects. I also appreciate that our department faculty helps me find many resources to develop my research interests.”

Lab Participation

INSIGHTS in Nebraska


Highlighted Publications & Presentations

  1. Joo, Y., Schachter, R. E., Piasta, S. B., & Yeomans-Maldonado, G. (2020). What language and literacy assessments do preschool teachers use and what do they learn from those assessments? Poster presented at National Research Conference on Early Childhood (NRCEC), Arlington, Virginia.

  2. Hamel, E., Joo, Y., & Hong, S.-Y. & Burton, A. (under review) Teachers' questioning practices early childhood science activities. Early Childhood Education Journal.

  3. Hong, S.-Y., Hamel, E., Burton, A., & Joo, Y. (2019). Preschool science talk in action and reflection (PreSTAR). Poster presented at Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD), Baltimore, Maryland.

  4. Joo, Y. (2015). The meaning of family as constructed by children growing up in multi-cultural families: with story-telling using picture books. Poster presented at the 25th EECERA Conference, Barcelona, Spain.