Denise LitzFashion Merchandising

The whole experience at UNL was fantastic! I was able to be on East Campus and City Campus with being in the Home Economics College. The faculty was always available for help. I enjoyed the friendships throughout the four years at UNL. Of course, the football games were especially fun. Lincoln is a great college town.
After graduating I worked for a local retailer at Piccadilly Square in Lincoln, then married and moved back to O'Neill. I owned and operated a custom embroidery shop for approximately 12 years.
One of the professors, Dr. Rita Kean, impacted me in the way I evaluated information. She continually emphasized "consider the source". In her class our assignments included comparing and contrasting relevant articles that had to do with textiles, especially on the topic of trade. Nearly 30 years later, we are still trying to delineate "fair" trade. She taught us an invaluable skill on assessing information.
Remember that you don't have to everything at once. There are seasons in your life where your focus and concentration may be heavily centered on your vocation/career, while at other times your focus will need to be centered on family. Prayerfully determine your steps.
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