Dillon JonesElementary Education

At UNL, I was exposed to many varied experiences that prepared me for adult life and to start my career in education. I met many new friends, peers, and model educators that helped me grow socially, academically, and professionally. I developed a network of fellow educators I know I can rely on if I have a question or have my own knowledge to share!
I applied to several school districts around Washington, D.C. because I wanted to experience teaching in another part of the country. I was hired to teach 4th grade as a first year teacher in Prince George's County, Maryland. I then moved to New York City the following summer and have been teaching in Bronx, NY for 4 years at Success Academy Charter Schools, NYC's top performing charter school. I have taught first grade for 4 years and have been the grade team lead for the two most recent years.
UNL prepared me to jumpstart my career in a new environment and helped me to adapt in a way I wasn't sure would be possible. Because of rigorous course work and professors' belief in my potential, I am able to demand and foster the same type of rigor with my own students. UNL taught me to love learning and never stop thirsting for new knowledge, pushing me to graduate school and beyond. One day I hope to pass on my knowledge as a Professor of Education.
Get to know your professors and peers - they will be so helpful in years to come, in college and beyond!
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