Bureau of Educational Research and Field Services

The Bureau of Educational Research and Field Services was established to make the resources of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln available to the various education agencies, institutions, and organizations of the state of Nebraska.

The primary activities of the Bureau include conducting and disseminating educational research and educational field studies as requested by Nebraska state government entities, P-12 school systems (public and private), higher education institutions (public and private), and the Learning Community.

The Bureau contracts with these other entities to conduct research and service projects. Usually a fee is charged. Among the more common Bureau activities have been school district reorganization studies, educational facilities studies and surveys on various topics.

For information about the Bureau, contact:

Dr. Nick Pace, Department Chair
Bureau of Educational Research and Field Services
Department of Educational Administration
141 Teachers College Hall
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 68588-0360
(402) 472-0989

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