Critical Issues Forum: Our Nebraska: Toward an Understanding of Immigration, Poverty, and Social Inclusion

The annual Critical Issues Forum is hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Department of Educational Administration. This critical issues forum will highlight immigration processes and the experiences of immigrants in Nebraska. Presenters will explain the immigration process, limitations to the processes, experiences living as an immigrant in Nebraska, educational resources available to support immigrant students, and some possible financial issues pressing on immigrants. Immigration and poverty are complex and affect different people and communities in various ways. At the forum, various speakers including immigrants, community resources center staff, and immigration reform advocates will explain how some issues and systemic problems can be addressed through resistance to stereotypes of immigrants, public policy changes, community resources, and educational support.

The 2018 Forum will be held:
8:30 a.m.-2:45 p.m.
Monday, March 5
Southeast Community College
8800 O Street
Lincoln, Nebraska  68520

The forum is being organized by Dr. Shavonna Holman, Dr. Stephanie Bondi, Dr. Richard Torraco and Dr. Marilyn Grady.

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