Alex Z Boryca Graduate Recruitment & Outreach Specialist

B.A. Graphic Design, Iowa State University, 2012
M.S. Student Affairs Counseling, University of Nebraska Omaha, 2018

Alex is the first point of contact for prospective graduate student exploring the programs in Educational Administration. She works with students as they explore their options and find a good fit for their personal and professional goals. Alex has extensive experience working with online students and programming from her time working in the Office of Digital Learning at University of Nebraska Omaha and leading initiatives focused on supporting online student success. She enjoys getting to know students and helping working professionals design a path toward their personal and professional development.

Alex lives in Omaha with her partner and two cats. She loves to listen to audiobooks, play disc golf, and bake desserts to give away to coworkers. Stop by her office to chat about her hobbies, Tolkien, New Zealand, or soccer!