Dr. Christina Yao says goodbye to EDAD

Dr. Christina Yao says goodbye to EDAD

22 Aug 2019    

How long have you been at UNL?

I’ve been at UNL for five years.

What did you teach/specialize in?

I’m a faculty member for the ELHE and Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration programs—basically, an emphasis on higher education.

What research did you do while at UNL?

Two of my most recent projects that included EDAD doctoral students on the research team are: (1) the transition experiences of international Students of Color to their first year of college, and (2) student learning at collaborative transnational universities in Vietnam. With both projects, we’ve presented at multiple conferences and have several articles published and/or under review.

What was your favorite part of being a member of the EDAD faculty?

Definitely the students and departmental colleagues! It’s not often you can say that you work with some smart yet kind people—and that really describes both the students and colleagues in EDAD. You typically only get one or the other—either smart or kind and EDAD has both.

Best teaching moment?

A few times when students said to me, “I now look at education very differently as a result of your class.” It makes me feel like I did my job as a facilitator of learning and transforming a previous understanding of how education functions.

What was the greatest lesson you learned while at UNL?

That umbrellas don’t really work in Lincoln because it is almost always SO WINDY!

What will you miss about EDAD, UNL or Nebraska in general?

The people for sure! I miss both EDAD departmental colleagues and students so much.

Where are you going next? What are your goals?

I am off to do pretty much the same thing at the University of South Carolina. I will be an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of the Higher Education and Student Affairs program. I’m looking forward to heading back to my home region and the mild winters.

Anything else you want to share?

 I want to say “thank you!” to my EDAD family. Although I am excited about my new adventures closer to my family, this is an extremely bittersweet departure and I wish everyone the best. Please keep in touch!

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