Dr. Lehmanowsky reflects back on her years at UNL

Dr. Lehmanowsky reflects back on her years at UNL

12 Mar 2019    

After a 45-year career in education,  Dr. Mary Beth Lehmanowsky-Bakewell is retiring. From serving as a Social Studies teacher to becoming the principal of Lincoln Public Schools to working with Me.D. and Ed.D. students as a professor, Dr. Lehmanowsky has experienced it all.

“I am grateful and honored to have spent time at UNL,” Lehmanowsky said. “I hope that I have contributed to the knowledge, skills, and well-being of my students and colleagues.”

Lehmanowsky spent seven years at the Educational Administration Department as a Professor of Practice and also served as an advisor to Me.D. and Ed.D. students. While at UNL, she taught Staff Appraisal, School Improvement, Governance, Human Resource Management, School Community Relations, and Practicum.

Throughout her time as a Professor of Practice, Dr. Lehmanowsky said she learned many new things, including how to strategize for online teaching, the university system, the advising processes and research methodology.

Yet, like most jobs, she said her joy came from the people she worked with and the impact she had on other people's lives.

“What I will miss the most when I retire is the prospect of involvement, the opportunities for learning, and my colleagues, who are also my friends.”

Before coming to UNL, Lehmanowsky worked for LPS for 38 years. She was a Social Studies teacher, the director of a counseling program for at-risk students, a Counseling Team Leader, an Assistant Principal for Instruction, a principal and a supervisor for Secondary Education in Human Resources.

Lehmanowsky said she loved going to work every day because she had the opportunity and responsibility to make a difference in the lives of students and staff.

“I have continued to have those same feelings coming to work at UNL and have been fortunate to be in the lives of educational leaders,” she said.

Lehmanowsky said she has no specific plans after her retirement except to stay engaged in life and she knows that her family and friends will keep her honest and always laughing.

“I am confident that with an open mind and heart,” Lehmanowsky said. “Whatever I am supposed to do next will find me.”


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