Educational Administration - P-12 School Leadership

Educational Administration - P-12 School LeadershipDoctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Do you enjoy working with "big ideas?" Are you a person who is dedicated to the success of all students? Do you enjoy building relationships with students, teachers, parents and community leaders? Do you want to be a leader in continuous school improvement? You are in the right place--the College of Education and Human Sciences and the Department of Education Administration!

The Doctoral Program in Educational Administration is designed specifically for the professional practitioner interested in obtaining credentials for P-12 administration.

Those who would lead schools need to have:

  • an understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing them
  • a knowledge base that allows them to see the needs of the students and adults with whom they share the school experience
  • skills that allow them to analyze situations and formulate approaches that will capitalize on their own talents and the talents of those with whom they work

New applicants should be aware that not all advisors can accept new students every year. We recommend that you contact the individual faculty members to learn about their scholarly interests and advising capacity in the course of preparing your application for admission. 

The application deadline for this program is February 1.

The following faculty members advise graduate students in the Educational Administration (P-12 School Leadership) program:

Dr. Mary Beth Lehmanowsky
Dr. Kent Mann
Dr. Nicholas Pace
Dr. Jiangang Xia
Dr. Sarah Zuckerman

Application to this program

Applying for admission to the University of Nebraska Joint Doctoral Program in Educational Administration involves the completion of several steps. They can be time consuming, but they are not particularly difficult. If you need assistance in preparing your admission application package, please do not hesitate to call Cindy DeRyke in Lincoln at 402-472-3729. She will answer your questions or put you in touch with someone who can.

Please read the application requirements for more information.


Degree Requirements

The University of Nebraska grants the EdD degree only to students who have completed a minimum of 96 graduate semester hours after attaining their Bachelor's degree. The Doctorate in Educational Administration requires completion of a minimum of 45 semester hours, regardless of how many graduate hours you may have already acquired before admission. Because of individual needs, preferences, and the specific requirements for administrative endorsements, some students conclude their doctoral degrees with more than the 96-semester hour minimum. During the first, second, and third summers of enrollment, students in this program are required to attend one week residencies  in Lincoln. All other courses are delivered online.

The sequence of courses for the EdD with a major in educational administration and completion of the requirements for superintendent endorsement is outlined below. The example indicates the sequence a student should follow in completing the degree and assumes completion of a 36 hour master's degree and all requirements for principal endorsement.

Summer 1st year
EDAD 987A Superintendent Academy I (3 hours, requires 1 week on-campus w/additional online content)
EDAD 801 Cross-Cultural Leadership Studies (3 hours)

Fall 1st year
EDAD 906 Issues in System Level Administration (3 hours)
Research/Statistics class (3 hours) 

Spring 1st year
EDAD 905 Issues in Governance of Educational Institutions (3 hours)
Research/Statistics class (3 hours)

Summer 2nd year
EDAD 988 Dissertation Proposal Development (3 hours and requires 1 week on-campus w/additional online content)
EDAD 986 Leadership in Educational Organizations (3 hours)

Fall 2nd year
EDAD 901 System-Level School Improvement (3 hours)
Research/Statistics class (3 hours)

Spring 2nd year
EDAD 835 Business Management of Schools
Research/Statistics class (3 hours)

Summer 3rd year
Elective (3 hours)
EDAD 987B Superintendent Academy II (3 hours, requires 1 week on-campus w/additional online content)

Comprehensive Examination should be taken in Fall of 3rd year

Fall 3rd year
EDAD 987C  Internship: Superintendency (3 hours)
Elective (Ed Politics & Policy OR Data for Decision Making)

Spring 3rd year
12 hours of dissertation (EDAD 999) to be completed between Spring 3rd year and Spring 5th year