Vicki Plano Clark Ph.D., Psychological Studies in Education (Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Education), University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2005

Associate Professor of Quantitative and Mixed Methods Research Methodologies, School of Education, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

My specialty area is research methodology, which means I study how researchers conduct their research studies, and my scholarship focuses on understanding how researchers can meaningfully integrate quantitative and qualitative approaches in mixed methods research designs. As a faculty member in the University of Cincinnati’s Educational Studies doctoral program, I work to mentor and train graduate students (including future methodologists) as emerging scholars interested in a wide range of research approaches. In addition to teaching about mixed methods, I am involved in several mixed methods research projects, serve as an associate editor for the Journal of Mixed Methods Research, and co-edit the new Mixed Methods Research Series (SAGE Publications) with UNL alumna Dr. Nataliya Ivankova.

Photo of Vicki Plano Clark
Vicki Plano Clark