Building Accepting Campus Communities (BACC)

Students with Disabilities - BACC Program Christy Horn, ADA/504 Compliance Officer

The focus of the Building Accepting Campus Communities (BACC) program is to provide services designed to assist students with disabilities to transition into the academic life of the University.   The BACC program provides students with disabilities access to assistive technology such as screen readers, specialized software for writing and organizing, and note taking systems.    Students with disabilities are also provided with a quiet place to study where they can use computers equipped with assistive technology and have access to proofreading and study assistance.

The BACC program also offers a course for 3 credits entitled College Survival Skills.  This course provides instruction in test taking strategies, note taking skills, writing research papers, and study strategies.  In addition, students learn self‐advocacy skills, have a place to go to seek assistance on how to approach faculty, and receive individualized instruction on study strategies specific to their needs and the courses they are taking. Students with disabilities who are interested in participating in the program or visiting the facility are encouraged to contact the Educational Psychology Department by calling 402-472-2223 or emailing to

Building Accepting Campus Communities
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