Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee

The Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee of the Department of Educational Psychology is a multicultural team of students and faculty members. EMAC and the Department of Educational Psychology are committed to increasing its minority graduate enrollment.

American racial/ethnic minority and international applicants who are willing to rigorously pursue a master's, educational specialist, or doctoral degree are urged to apply. Upon request, your application will reviewed by EMAC, which will give serious consideration to each applicant and recommend promising students to the graduate admission committee. A Sampling of EMAC activities includes:

  • People for Change Sensitivity Workshop
  • Student-Faculty Authorship Guidelines
  • Annual EMAC Luncheon
  • ETS Item Writing Workshop
  • Mediation Training
  • Peacemakers Community Outreach Project
  • Recruitment Posters

Contact the Department of Educational Psychology for more information.


Ralph De Ayala

R.J. De Ayala Professor, Quantitative, Qualitative, & Psychometric Methods, Program Director, Institutional Research