Elizabeth (Liz) Abel

Elizabeth (Liz) AbelSocial Sciences

Truth: football games, greek life, independence, gained life-long friends, personal growth.
Telecom/IT Industry for 32 years. Started in operations - moved to sales & sales management after 2.5 years in programming & training departments.
Probably the most significant impact was that when I moved to Dallas in Dec. 1984, my first boss here hired me because of my Nebraska background and UNL degree. He said he knew I would have the work ethic he wanted and would have the determination (now referred to as "grit") to excel in sales. Another funny story - as a sales-person in the mid-90's, I actually won a $1M+ sale because I knew the President's son had been a Nebraska football player and named him immediately and other assorted facts about him at the time. It was actually hilarious because the guy I had been negotiating with prior to that meeting knew he had lost all leverage once I had that "infamous interaction" with his boss - the President of the company. :) Still makes me chuckle to this day!
Be bold once you arrive on campus - Get involved & stay involved taking advantage of the many opportunities open to students today (NWLN comes to mind immediately) - Stay involved after graduation...you never know when it can help you with networking (there are Huskers everywhere) and it is great to give back!
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