Gaylord E. Moller

Gaylord E. MollerBA in Education (English, History)

What is your name?
Gaylord E. Moller
What year did you graduate?
1954 undergrad, 1963 doctorate of education
What was your favorite part about your time at UNL?
Being able to study in a rather secluded library 'stack' carrels - probably long gone by now
What career did you pursue after you graduated?
Fifty-three years of High School teaching, Administration, and supervision - 39 years in Administration, 9 years out of state and then 5 years as Omaha Central High School Assistant Principal, 27 as Principal, and 12 years of Student Teaching supervision for UNL, UNL, and UNK after retiring from Central. I loved every minute of my work in education, even those horrendous "student activism" days during and succeeding the Vietnam War. I very reluctantly finally gave up student teaching supervision due to a physical disability. 
What kind of impact did UNL have on your career? OR How did you use the start UNL gave you?
I owe everything to my UNL Professors. I think I could have gone nowhere to have found more knowledgeable, more supportive, and more encouraging teachers, both undergraduate and graduate. I felt I never had an instructor who was anything but fair and honest in his or her evaluation of any work I did.
What is one piece of advice you would like to give to current and upcoming students?
"Stick to it." I think most college students have to be over-achievers and they must believe they can accomplish what is put before them if they just "stick to it." 

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