Getting Started


STEP 1: Identify who you will take an eWorkshop with.

Our eWorkshops are for professional learning communities of educators and were designed to provide meaningful opportunities for collaboration. Therefore, eWorkshops should be taken with a minimum of 2 educators working together and a maximum of ~10. We recommend groups of 4-6 educators work together in an eWorkshop. It is often beneficial for educators to collaborate in an eWorkshop with other educators from their same school or district, but because of the online nature of our eWorkshops, educators may choose to collaborate with other educators near and far. We encourage potential eWorkshop participants to utilize our eWorkshops as meaningful resources to support collaborative learning via professional learning communities.

Please also note that our eWorkshops are password protected learning spaces for self-selected communities. The work that eWorkshop participants do in an eWorkshop is only visible to the other members of the eWorkshop and members of the ICMEE Team.

STEP 2: With your professional learning community that will be taking the eWorkshop with you, select the eWorkshop you would like to take.

We have many eWorkshops available that are described here. Please review the available eWorkshops and collaboratively select the eWorkshop that your group will find most beneficial to engage in.

STEP 3: With your professional learning community that will be taking the eWorkshop with you, select the date for launching your eWorkshop. Be sure to give the ICMEE team a minimum of two weeks to assist you in launching into your eWorkshop.

eWorkshops can be launched at any time a group would like to begin an available eWorkshop. Therefore, once a group is put together and an eWorkshop has been selected, determining when to start the eWorkshop is an important next step. The ICMEE team requires two weeks advanced notice to set up the eWorkshop for any interested group. Therefore, be sure to select a date that gives the ICMEE team at least two weeks advanced notice.

eWorkshops include six units and each unit takes approximately three hours of a participants’ time to complete. We recommend that groups complete eWorkshops over a 6, 12 or 18 week period. Currently 12 weeks appears to be an ideal length of time to take a eWorkshop. However, we have had many successful eWorkshops run in 6 weeks. Be sure that when you are selecting the time to start your eWorkshop you are planning for the entire eWorkshop to run during the school year. Participants need to have access to students, classrooms, data, etc. to meaningfully engage in eWorkshop learning.

When you reach out to the ICMEE Team to start an eWorkshop, be prepared to share both the start date of the eWorkshop as well as the timeline the eWorkshop will run on. ICMEE has the capabilities of sending email reminders to help groups stick with their planned timeline. For instance, we can send a reminder when it is time to wrap up Unit 1 and move on to Unit 2, etc. Please submit a timeline to the team that matches the wishes of your group for us to be able to set up this feature. Here is a sample of what that might look like for a 12 week plan.

Getting Started: September 24th (taking pre-surveys, getting enrolled, meet and greet, starting Unit 1 Explore)

Finish Unit 1 Explore: Oct 1st

Finish Unit 1 Share: Oct 8th

Finish Unit 2 Explore: Oct 15th

Finish Unit 2 Share: Oct. 22nd

Finish Unit 3 Explore: Oct. 29th

Finish Unit 3 Share: Nov. 5th

Finish Unit 4 Explore: Nov. 12th

Finish Unit 4 Share: Nov. 19th

Finish Unit 5 Explore: Nov. 26th

Finish Unit 5 Share: Dec. 3rd

Finish Unit 6 Explore: Dec. 10th

Finish Unit 6 Share and Complete Post-Surveys: Dec. 17th

If you are not interested in the email reminder feature, we will only need the planned start and stop date to set up an eWorkshop.

STEP 4: Use the Contact Us form to submit the following information to the ICMEE Team and follow instructions received from the ICMEE team in order to get started. Please submit:

  • Name of desired eWorkshop(s)
      • If you would like multiple sections of one eWorkshop to accommodate multiple groups taking the same eWorkshop within one school or district, please let us know how many sections of the eWorkshop you are interested in.
  • Date of eWorkshop start date
  • Timeline eWorkshop will run on (see STEP 3)

After submitting this information to the ICMEE Team, you will hear from a member of the team with the information necessary to self-enroll into both our database and our eWorkshop. We do not manage enrollments on our end, we send the necessary information and supports for interested participants to enroll themselves. We do support any troubles that may come up (please contact, but the information we provide allows groups to flexibly get themselves started and manage their own work. This also means, that we only need to be in touch with the person or persons organizing the eWorkshop. The organizer is then an important communicator with the rest of the eWorkshop participants to share enrollment information. Please note we need participants to enroll first in our database with the information provided by the ICMEE Team. Via database enrollment, participants are given the necessary information to enroll in the eWorkshop space that has been created specifically for their group. Once eWorkshop participants are enrolled and ready to go, they will engage with the eWorkshop on Canvas.

STEP 5: Use the information from the ICMEE Team to self-enroll into the both the ICMEE database and the eWorkshop on Canvas and begin to learn and collaborate!

eWorkshop participation should be flexible, meaningful and enjoyable. If there is anything the ICMEE Team can do to assist you as you take the eWorkshop, please let us know!