Summer Professional Learning Getting Started

Thank you to all the educators that joined for our Summer 2021 session.  Registration for this session is now closed.  Please check back soon for new learning opportunities with ICMEE.  Or email to request professional development catered to your specific needs. 

Ready to get started with an ICMEE Summer Professional Learning opportunity? Just follow these steps!

This summer we are offering a large menu of professional learning materials for teachers to make their way through at their own pace and following their own interests and learning wishes. This is the first time we are offering our content in this manner, so we hope you will communicate with us regarding any issues that may come up so that we can solve them.  You can always email us at

STEP 1: How does ICMEE Summer Professional Learning work?

All of the content available for FREE professional learning for teachers this summer will be available asynchronously.  This means that beginning on May 1st, 2021, content will be available for you and your colleagues to register yourselves and all learning will be self-paced. New content will be available via staggered release throughout May and June of 2021.

For each asynchronous professional learning opportunity that is available, there will be a separate registration ID number for you to use in our database. Complete details for our Summer offerings, as well as individual registration IDs for each offering will be available in the "Getting Started" module. To begin, please register in our “Getting Started” module using the information below.  

1. To register go to

2. Complete the registration by entering the requested information and enter the Group ID: 

3. Complete all required pre-surveys and follow the link to the Canvas course with all details you need to choose, register, and enroll in any of our Summer professional learning offerings that meet your needs.

Within each professional learning course will be opportunities to find your way into meaningful groups to discuss and collaborate with other participants.  You can join groups based on grade level, and in some cases also by racial identity.  You will also be able to request discussion groups for your professional learning community if you have a team of people with which you would like to be able to engage in the professional learning.

STEP 2: What commitments do I need to make? 

To successfully engage in online professional learning with teachers from a variety of backgrounds and contexts, we need all participants to commit to and engage with the following values and expectations.

Value #1 – Dialogue over Debate.

Value #2 – Diversity is Positively Productive.

Value #3 – Agency, Leadership, and Collaboration are Important for Individual and Collective Leadership. 

At the start of each learning opportunity, these values will be explained in detail and you will be asked to sign your name acknowledging your commitment to adhere to these values and expectations.  Those who do not actively agree to these values or who violate them, may be asked to leave or removed from our professional learning opportunities.

STEP 3: How do I request a certificate for my completed work?

In order to request certificates of completion, you must have completed all required surveys within the database for each course you need a certificate.  Additionally, you need to have actively engaged and posted in detail in response to all requirements within each module on Canvas for which you are requesting a certificate.  Certificates can then be requested via your account on the database.  All work must be finalized and the request for a certificate must be made by July 31, 2021.  You may still access the content and even continue the learning available beyond July 31, 2021.  However, our grant funding ends August 31, 2021.  So, we cannot guarantee any certificates of completion for work that is not completed by participants on or before July 31, 2021. 

Participation in ICMEE professional learning should be flexible, meaningful and enjoyable. If there is anything the ICMEE Team can do to assist you as you engage in our professional learning please let us know!