Jerod W PostEducation and Human Sciences: Athletic Training

I have great pride in the education institution I get to call my alma mater. I think as a mid west university UNL holds up it's brand as the flag ship institution for the state of Nebraska with honor. It is a world class university that gives a diverse range of education majors to broaden young individuals ability. They prepare you academically as well as personally to enter the "real world" in a form that is ready to contribute to the community.
I am a practicing athletic trainer and physical therapist in Colorado.
My time as an athletic training student has gave me the foundation I used to continue to the Nniversity of Nebraska Medical Center for my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I still draw on my athletic training clinicals, my anatomy lab experience, my physiology lectures in reference to my daily patient care. I feel UNL did an excellent job in preparing me for real world situations and high quality evidence based clinical care.
Get involved with a organization on campus. Meet people, challenge yourself every day. Hang out with people that make you better. Go to class and dedicate time to making yourself into a better overall person with the 4 years at this great university.
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